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How To Accurately Measure Your Ring Size

How To Accurately Measure Your Ring Size
March 19, 2016 justin
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How To Accurately Measure Your Ring Size

So many people ask us how they can know exactly what size ring they should order off our store We have a very simple method suggested on our site and so we thought we would share it here too.

Using this PDF download you can simply and accurately measure what size ring you will need for any finger or any part of your finger. You can either print out the instructions and measuring sheet or if you don’t have a printer follow these instructions:

Things You’ll Need: Ruler, scissors and thin strip of paper or string.

Take the thin piece of paper (no more than 1 cm wide) or piece of string and wrap around the largest part of your finger (it is better to use paper as string might stretch when wrapped around your finger). Make sure the paper is not loose but also not stretched. Mark the paper with a pen where the overlap occurs. Measure circumference using your ruler in millimetres.

Then follow this chart…

A Simple Ring Size Chart
                               A Simple Ring Size Chart

And now you are ready to order online! So simple

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