How To Clean Your Copper & Brass Jewellery

How To Clean Your Copper & Brass Jewellery
March 19, 2016 justin
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How To Clean Your Copper & Brass Jewellery

So for a while now we have been getting asked about how to clean brass and copper jewellery. Since it is a much cheaper alternative metal to wear as jewellery, a lot of customers are opting to buy these metals. We have a stunning range in our little store at here. They do just require a little extra maintenance to keep them looking shiny and new. So we decided we would show you how to clean your copper and brass jewellery. You won’t believe just how ridiculously simple it is for you to clean these stunning jewellery items. Are you ready for it?…

Method 1:

Tomato sauce. Yes. Tomato sauce. Do you ever remember back in the day when you knew someone who used to collect copper coins and they were always tossing those coins into bowls of tomato sauce? I don’t, but I do vaguely remember hearing about this somewhere. So I tried it. And my giddy aunt it worked like a charm! Here’s what you do…

You will need a glass bowl and a bottle of tomato sauce.


Take your sad looking pieces of brass and copper jewelry and chuck them in the bowl. Add a good dollop of tomato sauce.




Leave for 5-10 mins (maybe more depending on how tarnished your jewellery is) and then rinse well with warm water.


Dry them thoroughly with a towel (I find microfibre cloths work really well)


And admire the awesomeness that is simple home chemistry!


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