Personalised .925 Sterling Silver & 9kt Gold Fine Jewellery. Crafted within 2 - 3 Working Days.

Personalised .925 Sterling Silver & 9kt Gold Fine Jewellery
Crafted within 2 - 3 Working Days

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Custom Four Sided Bar Necklace

Custom Four Sided Bar Necklace
March 9, 2021 justin

Your Memories. Your Stories. Our Jewellery. 

You are invited to step into the Silvery workshop for an exclusive look behind the scenes paired with a heart-warming story from one of our dear customers. It showcases a loving and compelling tale about the creative process and the appreciation of a mother daughter relationship. One of the most key and influential bonds in life. Soulmates through a heartbond.  

You are not just my mom. You’re my inspiration, my hero and my best friend.”  

At Silvery we believe that part of the pleasure in receiving a gift is the experience of opening it. It’s our aim to offer you joy when lifting the lid on a Silvery box and discovering the gift within. It’s the anticipation of selecting the details online, personalising a jewellery piece and knowing that it’s handcrafted just for you. 

We encourage our customers to plan and think ahead when considering gifts for their most cherished friends and family. This allows for adequate time to be dedicated to making something everlasting which they can treasure and delight in. The ideal gift needs to be something unique, personal and suited to the receiver. Silvery’s collection and variety allows you to choose something great for each of the most beloved people in your life. 

Layer by layer the Silvery experience delivers on all fronts. The gifting of this necklace was specifically to our customer’s darling mom and they were both overjoyed with this personal creation. It’s her name (our customer – Bronwyn) and that of her son (Joshua).  

“My mom has always said that Joshua and I are the people she loves most in the world. Our birthdays are her happiest days. That’s why I asked Silvery to add the birthstones. It is a necklace that she wears every day, and her favourite thing is to tell anyone and everyone the story of her perfect gift.” – Bronwyn 

 We loved hearing the details in order to add extra love and care into the process. Something made just for her mom and gifted to her from her family. 

 “It’s Silvery who understood my story and it’s their team who had the patience to listen to what I wanted to create and to make it a reality.” – Bronwyn 

Behind the Scenes at Silvery: 

Creating the Custom-Made Four Sided Bar Necklace:

Stepping into our workshop to capture the creative process can be a challenge. It’s a bustling workplace where creativity and hard work meet. We took the time to showcase the handcrafting process and to allow you access into our space. Follow the journey of a very special keepsake commissioned by a Silvery customer.

The Silvery workshop is filled with the clatter of crafting. Making, hammering, polishing and even laughter fills the air. Making memories into tangible and lovingly created keepsakes. With Silvery’s expert handcrafting and thoughtful work your gifts become even more meaningful.  

Our expert Jeweller Nkosi works on the bar before it’s engraved. It needs to be skillfully cut to be the correct size. It’s just one of the many steps in the handcrafting process. 

Phums as he is known in the workshop sets the stones once the item is engraved. Each birthstone is fitted into a premade and small space that is perfectly shaped. It’s intricate work and takes concentration and attention to detail. 

The entire process takes time and consists of a great number of detailed tasks. Each and every step is important. This item is bespoke and the engraving was setup by our graphic designer Jess. The font was selected for its curved and handwritten like appearance. It offers a beautiful and authentic look that is suited to creating a feminine layout for a beloved mom or maternal figure.

Your Memories. Your Stories. Our Jewellery.

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(Update: Due to customer requests, we have extended the time frame to order until Monday, 19.04.21.)

Orders for this limited edition item are officially closed.

This beautifully handcrafted necklace was available to shop for a limited time only due to its custom, handcrafted nature. We wanted to allow you the opportunity to own or gift a keepsake that is limited edition and special just like the bonds you have with your loved ones. Orders for this specific item are officially closed, however if you would like to chat to us further about something suited to you – please click here to get in touch.