Handcrafted within 2 - 3 Days | Free Delivery on orders over R 300

Free Delivery on Orders Over R300 | 2 - 3 Days Crafting Time | Resizing Options
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About Silvery

Welcome to Silvery, let us begin with telling you a bit about ourselves. We are a home-grown online jewellery store based in Durban, South Africa, specialising in bringing you beautifully hand-crafted jewellery with a personalised flare.

Silvery began as a small home business in 2013, hoping to provide uniquely hand-crafted jewellery to our sunny South Africa. In 2016, Silvery underwent new ownership with Justin and Vanessa Blake.

Justin from an early age had a passion for entrepreneurship and fascination for E-commerce and selling items online. Vanessa has always been passionate about Fashion and Jewellery. She studied marketing in Germany and worked for one of Europe’s largest tobacco producers before joining Silvery. Seeing great potential in our small home-based business, they grew Silvery to become an international company, offering a superior quality product and service. Founder of My Silvery Germany, Vanessa has expanded Silvery to tap into international markets in 2017, and soon to touch base in other European markets as well.

With an exceptional team behind us, we have been able to grow and become an international success, bringing exquisite craftsmanship to the world with our beautiful products. We believe our craftsmanship is more than just a piece of silver, and we aim to capture beautiful memories in our hand-crafted items. Each and every piece of jewellery that is created, has been thoughtfully designed with you in mind, bringing a personalised piece of jewellery to each and every customer that orders from us.

Here at Silvery, we highly value all of our team members. What makes us work so well is that we are a close knit family with one simple goal in mind, to bring you an exquisitely unique item that will last a lifetime filled with memories. Our skilled team is what makes every piece so special, each item that leaves our doors are made with immaculate care and a scrupulous attention to detail. We place great importance on delivering you items of the highest quality, all of our exquisitely made items are made with a care that is often rare to find. We stand to ensure that each and every piece of jewellery that we create is one that can proudly be called our own. We hope you love our jewellery as much as we love to make it.

specialising in bringing you the most personalised jewellery that’s handcrafted by individuals for individuals.

Each personalised piece becomes your lasting Memory Keeper.