Free Delivery on Orders R 600 and Over | Crafted within 3 Days

Free Delivery on Orders R 600 and Over | Handcrafted within 2 - 3 Days
Orders for delivery prior to shutdown are now closed.


An Update from Silvery: COVID-19

Doing it the Silvery way with kindness and care over chaos and panic.

Latest Update: Tuesday, 24 March 2020

An Important Note from Silvery:

  • South Africa is entering a 3 week shutdown due to COVID-19. You can still place an order, we will begin manufacturing it once we are back in the workshop. In line with the South African President’s announcement of a shutdown, Silvery’s office and workshop are now closed.

We have one main platform open for communication and all enquiries, and queries can be addressed directly to our dedicated email service:
We are unable to answer our office telephones, so this is the best way to communicate with us.

  • If you placed and paid for your order prior to 23 March 2020 we did our absolute best to send it out before the cut-off time. We have made arrangements with our courier partners who will be delivering your orders. They are taking stringent hygiene measures to keep you and their drivers safe. If you need to track your parcel please make use of the above email address.
  • Any orders that our delivery partners are not able to deliver due to unforeseen circumstances will be kept for you and delivered after the shutdown period. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and we are doing our absolute best to deliver truly excellent service during this critical time.
  • Orders placed and paid for after 23 March will go into manufacturing upon our return to the workshop after the shutdown. Once again, we apologise for this inconvenience. We appeal to you to please not cancel your order as we need your support in order to keep our small, independent brand running during this uncertain economic time.
  • Following the shutdown, we will act in accordance with South African law and set out precautions based on the announcements and changes stipulated by the President and government. Our website offers our latest operational structure and information on how Silvery is facing this pandemic.
  • Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to brighter, happier days and wish you only the best during the shutdown. Stay safe and remember to be brave and kind.

First Update: Monday, 16 March 2020

  •  We know it isn’t business as usual, but we are aiming to work calmly in order to take care of our team and of course your orders which are crafted with love.
  • We are taking all the necessary in-house precautions. In addition, we are awaiting detailed feedback from our local courier and international delivery partners. We will update you accordingly. At present there are no manufacturing or delivery disruptions or delays. This could change without notice, but we will keep you informed.
  • We understand that social distancing is becoming part of our existence. With this in mind special celebrations, events and weddings are being postponed. It’s tough and we commiserate with you! If you have recently ordered items and your event is now postponed, we can assist you in remaking it. We have calculated an adjusted fee to help you. Please contact us (click here) directly to chat through the details.
  • As of Wednesday, we will no longer offer the “Collect my Order” option (until further notice). You can still rely on deliveries to your door. Less leaving the house and more peace of mind. We will not be hosting meetings as is the standard practice during this time which includes customers visiting our workshop or making appointments to view items. We kindly ask that you respect this.
  • At present we are unable to predict how South Africa and independent businesses such as ours will be impacted. Regardless of this it is our aim to be positive and safe whilst fulfilling your orders. We are functioning at our full capacity, should this change we will notify our customers.
  • Please continue to support local, small independent businesses. We need your help in preparing a way forward. Many small, local businesses will be greatly challenged by the impact of COVID-19 on their livelihood. Support, like, follow, encourage, buy vouchers or send gifts, postpone, but please don’t cancel.
  • During these uncertain times we encourage kindness and we request your continued support. Independent businesses need all the T.L.C. they can get, and we want to strive for a sustainable future.
  • Our heartfelt thoughts are with all of humankind who are faced with something so new and at times incomprehensible.