Hand Stamping Information

Please read this information carefully before purchasing items with hand stamping:

The Process – Hand stamping as it’s said, is all done by hand and eye coordination. Each letter is carefully placed and stamped by a jeweller, all done by hand. The alignment of the text will not be perfectly aligned and may differ in height especially on longer words.

Font Options – We offer two sized fonts 3mm and 1.5mm. The width and height of each character are 3 or 1.5mm depending on what you have chose




Letter Cases – All our letters are available in upper and lower case.

Stamping Pressure – As each letter is stamped by hand, indentations may vary between each character. Some letters may look slightly bigger or bolder due to different stamping pressures done by hand.

Alignment – Letter will not be perfectly aligned, as this process is done by hand and each character placed and stamped is nearly impossible to get a perfect alignment.

Blackening – Hand Stamping is the impression done by the metal stamp into the jewellery piece. To make the impression more visible we use a blackening solution that is applied to the item before we to the final polishing. This blackening solution does fade away slowly and wears off eventually. How long the blackening lasts depends on how you take care of your item. To make the blackening lasts as long as possible try avoid the item to be in contact with water, soap & any chemicals (i.e. perfumes, lotions, chlorine). If you wold like to make use of our free re-blackening service please send us an email to info@silvery.co.za to book this service. You can just send your item to us or drop it off at our workshop and we make your item brand new for you again.

If you are looking for perfectly engraved and aligned characters, then machine engraving would be a better choice. But for those people who are looking for a unique handmade product, then hand stamping is perfectly suited for you.

Please see some examples of hand stamping below and the size of each font:

Bar / Pendant Disfigurement – During the stamping process, bars/pendants may become bent or slightly disfigured. This is the nature of hand stamping as you are forcing an impression into metal. The metal being forced inwards has to push out to the sides. Once the pendant or bar is complete we straighten the pendant as much as we can before damaging or weakening the metal.