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Jewellery Care

Silvery Jewellery Care Instructions

We all love Silvery Jewellery and its affordable price which is why it’s such a popular choice but there are a couple things to know about 925 Sterling Silver.

Silver tarnish

As with any metal, silver tarnishes, sometimes quicker than we want or expect. Tarnishing especially in something that we wear is not attractive at all so we’ll go through some of the most common reasons as to why our beloved silver jewelry tarnishes. Silver tarnish is the discoloration that occurs in items made which can be a yellowish tint, deep yellow or black. Silver tarnishing takes place through a range of methods.

Corrosion occurs under humid or wet conditions. When we sweat, chemicals in our perspiration though may be considered mild is enough to cause corrosion on jewelry metals that we wear especially when supported by warmth and air.

Sterling silver readily corrodes on the skin if there is adequate presence of salt. Remove any rings if you’re to handle salty stuff like chips, salted nuts and when cooking with salt or swimming in the ocean.

How to remove tarnishing from Silver Jewellery:

  1. Line a medium-sized bowl with aluminum foil.

  2. Fill it with hot water.

  3. Mix in one tablespoon of powdered laundry detergent.

  4. Soak your silver item for two minutes.

  5. Rinse with clean water, and gently tap down your item with a soft tissue to adsorb the water.