Personalised .925 Sterling Silver & 9kt Gold Fine Jewellery. Crafted within 2 - 3 Working Days.

Personalised .925 Sterling Silver & 9kt Gold Fine Jewellery
Crafted within 2 - 3 Working Days

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Jewellery Care

Silvery Care Instructions:

In dealing with tarnishing we first like to offer insight into this natural occurrence and then we like to deal with the matter offering solutions to suit all our customers.

Tarnishing Facts & Details:

The colour change or tarnishing of your Silvery item is a natural occurrence and not a manufacturing or quality defect. It can be due to the pH levels of the wearer’s skin which varies in all people. The second most common reason for tarnishing is exposure to soap, chlorine, saltwater, perfumes and lotions even in tiny amounts. Tarnishing can be accelerated by contact with tap water as it contains chlorine. It is not a manufacturing fault or flaw. Some can wear items and never experience tarnishing, while others experience it almost instantaneously. 925 Sterling Silver is also a natural metal, so it reacts differently when exposed to skin or external factors.

Additionally, tarnishing can be related to a multitude of things that don’t necessarily present themselves as definitive culprits. With Silver being a natural metal, mined from the earth it is subject to reacting differently from one batch to the another which explains why one item might be perfectly fine and others react differently. As with most if not all things in nature it has a certain level of volatility.

Oxidisation is the process whereby the metal alloys within 925 Sterling Silver react with the natural air around us, it is much like tarnishing. Commonly understood as the “addition of oxygen”. It is advised that when storing jewellery over long periods of time it is best to do so in an airtight jewellery box or container to prevent this natural process from happening. Please note our Silvery boxes are not intended for long-term storage as they are not airtight.

Tarnishing and Oxidisation appears as discolouration on the Silver. It can look like dark marks or even have a “yellowish” tint to it.  Patches can appear or it can look as if the Silver is coming off. Once again it is a natural occurrence as Silver is a natural metal which is not man made like plastic. Tarnishing and Oxidisation are reversible and easily treated.

Let’s Fix It:

With Silver being a natural metal as explained we are unable to offer guarantees against tarnishing or how items react. Tarnishing is not rust; it is important to understand that. It is a metal reaction related to external factors.
We have an easy to follow home remedy for cleaning it. This is highly effective and can be viewed below.
It’s always our aim to ensure that we fully assist our customers and offer them the most positive experience possible while still honouring the values and procedures of our brand. If you feel that you would like more insight or to verify what we have stated, please feel free to contact us directly

How to remove tarnishing from Silvery Jewellery / Not recommended for Brushed or Stainless Steel Items:

We have a specialised Silvery polishing cloth available which you can use to clean and treat your items at home. Order yours via our “Checkout Page” when purchasing other Silvery items. In the meantime try our highly recommended home care method which is explained below. This method is only recommended for items that are made and completed with Silvery’s “shiny” finish (click here to read more). Do not use this method for brushed items or Stainless Steel creations. 

1.  Line a medium-sized bowl with aluminum foil.

2. Fill it with hot, but not boiling water.

3. Mix in one tablespoon of powdered laundry detergent.

4. Soak your Silver item for two minutes.

5. Rinse with clean water, and gently pat down your item with a soft tissue to adsorb the water.

To find out more about our professional cleaning and care service please feel free to contact us.