Personalised .925 Sterling Silver & 9kt Gold Fine Jewellery. Crafted within 2 - 3 Working Days.

Personalised .925 Sterling Silver & 9kt Gold Fine Jewellery
Crafted within 2 - 3 Working Days

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Jewellery Surface Finishes

Silvery Jewellery Surface Finishes

Jewellery Finishing is a process by which the surface of a jewellery piece is cleaned, polished and textured. Finishing is the final important step of jewellery manufacturing to ensure the best end results are achieved. At Silvery we offer three different surface finishes for the jewellery that we handcraft. On most of our pieces you can select the standard options of either a shiny, polished finish or alternatively you can select a matt, brushed finish. On certain products we offer a hammered, textured finish which is usually reflected in the name of the item. Below is an explanation of the different options that Silvery offers with photos comparing the 3. If you have any questions regarding which option would be best suited to you, please visit our Contact Page and chat to us.

Shiny, Polished Finish: This is a reflective, mirror-like finish. A polished, smooth appearance is labour intensive with several steps involved, however it remains one of our most popular options. The outcome is a beautiful, gleaming Silver tone. Our handcrafted pieces are filed, sanded and polished by hand meaning each piece is truly a labour of love. Thereafter items go through up to 8 hours in our polishing machine and are then dipped in our Ultrasonic Deep Cleaner. Plating can be applied to achieve the highest quality 14kt Gold or Rose Gold Vermeil look if you prefer this option to Silver.

Hammered Finish: Shiny, slightly reflective with a dented appearance. A texture is applied to the surface of a jewellery piece with a hammer to give it a dimpled look. It offers the impression of a series of small depressions in the piece. These are created with precision to be aesthetically pleasing. This finish is varied from a light to deeper hammered texture. Plating can be added to this style of workmanship.

Brushed, Matt Finish: A less reflective, toned-down finish. The jewellery piece goes through the same handcrafting process, however the brushed effect is achieved through using 360 grade sandpaper or via the use of a diamond bur. This finish doesn’t show scratch marks as easily as others which can be gained from the daily use of items. We do not offer plating on this specific finish.


Do pendants for a necklace look nice in the brushed surface finish?

Necklaces in the brushed / matt surface finish are beautiful, however we do recommend that our customers select the shiny, polished finish as it stands out more for this style of product.

What is the best surface finish for a men’s ring or jewellery?

For male products we suggest the brushed / matt finish as it appears more masculine. This is of course a personal choice based on style.

Have more questions… please chat to us and we will further guide you.