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  • Dream Catcher feather earrings Silvery

    Dream Catcher Feather Earrings

    Dream Catcher Feather Earrings crafted from 925 Sterling Silver by our skilled Silvery jewellers and our laser cutter. The earrings resemble a dream catcher, it has three feathers attached onto a flattened out ring. The three feathers measure different sizes and can be personalised with our engraving services. You can choose to have these earrings plated in 14kt Rose Gold or 14kt Gold Vermeil. [spb_section spb_section_id="52397" width="1/1" el_position="first last"] 
  • Shape Stud Earrings Oval Silvery South Africa
    Shape Stud Earrings Star Durban Earrings

    Geometric Stud Earrings

    Simple, classy & trendy - three words that you can own when wearing any of these stunning 925 Sterling Silver Geometric Stud Earrings. We offer an oval, a star and a square stud. The oval measures 10mm x 15mm, the star measures 13mm x 13mm and the square measures 11mm x 11mm. You can have them brushed to a matt finish or polished for a nice shiny finish, we also offer to have the polished option plated in either 14kt Rose Gold or Gold Vermeil.[spb_section spb_section_id="43211" width="1/1" el_position="first last"]
  • Pebble Earrings
    Pebble Earrings

    Pebble Stud Earrings

    Simply adorable 925 Sterling Silver handcrafted Pebble Stud Earrings, these earrings measure 6mm x 6mm x 3mm and can be personalised with only one character in either our engraving fonts or handstamping font. The earrings can be selected in a brushed/matt or shiny polished finish and if you have selected to have them in a shiny polished finish then you can also select to have the earrings plated in either 14kt Rose Gold or 14kt Gold Vermeil. [spb_section spb_section_id="52774" width="1/1" el_position="first last"]
  • Bow Earrings
    Bow Earrings

    Bow Earrings

    Our adorable 925 Sterling Silver hand made Bow Earrings has certainly made the list of our all time favourites! The bow itself is a brushed/matt finish and it is complimented with beautifully plated 14kt Rose Gold Vermeil center. You can choose to have the center plated in either 14kt Rose Gold or Gold Vermeil. The bow will remain 925 Sterling Silver in a brushed/matt finish. The bow measures 16mm x 6mm.
    Pair this lovely bangle with the matching Bow Ring & our Bow Bangle!
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Shop a stunning range of the most recently added personalised earrings from Silvery Jewellery is handcrafted from 925 Sterling Silver in South Africa. Each set of earrings can be persoanlised by our engravers or hand stamping service in South Africa. Silvery has the most popular personalised jewellery styles. Our jewellery can be given as gifts to mark a special day or moment in ones life. We offer free shipping in South Africa and international paid shipping.