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  • Leather Coin Necklace
    Leather Coin Necklace

    Leather Coin Necklace

    Stunning 925 Sterling Silver Leather Coin Necklace!! The coin measures 25mm and the leather necklace is adjustable measuring 21.5cm at its smallest size and 43cm at its largest size. There are two knots that allow for the necklace to be adjusted. You can personalise the coin with either 3 letters or just 1 letter, we unfortunately can not do 2 letters due to the font type. The image of the font will give you an idea of what your chosen letters will look like, if you select only 1 letter it will then look like the center letter in the engraving font image. The leather necklace comes in one colour only which is a dark brown. Pair this with our lovely Etched Round Cufflinks for Him! [spb_section spb_section_id="51392" width="1/1" el_position="first last"] 
  • flat braided necklace
    flat braided necklace

    Flat Braided Necklace

    Our 925 Sterling Silver Flat Braided Necklace, the necklace is so simple yet so stunning! The links on the necklace are flat which allows for it to set really nicely on around the neck.[spb_section spb_section_id="46382" width="1/1" el_position="first last"]
  • Bold Flat Braided Necklace
    Bold Flat Braided Necklace

    Bold Flat Braided Necklace

    How lovely is our 925 Sterling Silver Bold Flat Braided Necklace. The necklace has flat links and it measures 2.8mm in width. [spb_section spb_section_id="46382" width="1/1" el_position="first last"]
  • Leather Washer Necklace
    Leather Washer Necklace

    Leather Washer Necklace

    A stunning creation that has been handcrafted by our Silvery jewelers. Our 925 Sterling Silver Leather Washer Necklace is certainly a fashionable must have ! You can choose to have the Washer engraved or hand stamped.  You can also choose to have it in a shiny polished or brushed finish, we only offer plating with shiny polished finish items. The washer measures 4mm x 3mm and has a diameter of 21mm. The necklace is of one length, it is 45cm-90cm as it is adjustable. We have used a natural colour for the leather in the pictures. Personalisation is charged additionally to the listed price. [spb_section spb_section_id="43566" width="1/1" el_position="first last"]

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