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Bold Heart Single Name Birthstone Necklace

Bold Heart Single Name Birthstone Necklace

R1,095.00 R795.00

This Bold Heart Single Name Birthstone Necklace and Birthstones set into the heart is ethically handcrafted in South Africa by our jewellers in 925 Sterling Silver.  Personalise this item with a name and birthstone. 

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Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Measurements: 2mm x 28mm x 23mm

Chain: 1.8mm chain

Two 2.5mm swarovski birthstones.

What is Gold Vermeil Plating

No Green Skin Colouring

Our vermeil gold jewellery won’t be leaving green skin stains as we only use 925 sterling silver as our base metal.

No Reactions To Your Skin

When wearing Silvery plated jewellery we guarantee you won’t be having any skin reactions due to nickel. All our plated items are nickel free.

Downsides & Life Plated Jewellery

For starters, the vermeil plating that covers your jewellery will inevitably wear away. If you are comfortable with the thought that the plating will wear away at some point, you should also know that it’s hard to predict when this will happen. Some customers have reported fading just after 2 months and others have had their items for over 12 months and still looking good. We can’t guarantee the time it will take to fade as each person will wear their jewellery differently.

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