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Signature Name Bracelet

Signature Name Bracelet


Our Signature Name Bracelet is ethically handcrafted by our skilled jewellers in 925 Sterling Silver. Upload an image of your signature and create your own personal unique piece of jewellery.

Please note:
1.      Ensure width of signature does not exceed the width of your wrist.
2.     Dainty connecting script will be broadened to prevent breaking.
3.     Pricing includes a design fee to prepare file for handcrafting process.

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Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Dimensions: approximately 30mm x 15mm signature pendant

Chain: 1.5mm links

What is Gold Vermeil Plating

No Skin Discolouration or Reactions:

Our Vermeil Gold or Rose Gold jewellery won’t cause any discolouration or reactions with your skin as we only use 925 Sterling Silver as our base metal. We guarantee that you won’t have any skin reactions due to nickel. All our plated items are nickel free.

Vermeil / Plating Facts:

Our 14kt Gold or Rose Gold Vermeil (plating) offers a beautiful alternative to the Silver hue of our jewellery. However, it is important to note that plating is not permanent, and it will inevitably wear away. Underneath the plating is still high quality 925 Sterling Silver so the value of your jewellery piece is intact. If you are comfortable with plating and the knowledge that it will fade, then we recommend it as an option for you.

The lifespan of plating is very difficult to predict. It is different for each person and is impacted by the acidity or pH balance of your skin, exposure to perfumes or lotions and how items are stored. Some customers experience fading after a very short period of time and others can have it last up to 12 months.

Silvery offers a service of polishing items and re-plating your jewellery. This is a service we quote for when you are ready to have your plating restored to its original shine and finish.