Personalised .925 Sterling Silver & 9kt Gold Fine Jewellery. Crafted within 2 - 3 Working Days.

Personalised .925 Sterling Silver & 9kt Gold Fine Jewellery
Crafted within 2 - 3 Working Days

Personalised Gift Note Included

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Silvery Information

Change is good… Especially when it’s done with intention.

We are always improving, here are a few details on our latest updates.

Some of our bestsellers have had a makeover. We’ve improved the quality and we’re pretty happy with the outcome!

We’ve upgraded the thickness of our Silver plate which we use to handcraft our items from 1.2mm to 1.5mm. It might seem like a small change, but upon seeing the before and after images below you will note the significant improvement.

We truly value transparency from the brands we work with and it’s key to how we conduct our business too. In the spirit of full disclosure we thought it only right to share our up-coming price increases with you. Don’t be upset. Instead let’s tell you why it’s happening…

It’s a case where our hand has been forced. The price of pure Silver (the base of our Sterling Silver jewellery) has increased dramatically. Although we were able to carry the cost for a while, it has now become necessary to price our handcrafted items accordingly. With that in mind we also understand that many of our customers save up for their special Silvery pieces and we don’t want to shift the goalposts with no explanation or warning, that’s just plain mean (not our style)! We sent out a newsletter, shared the information on our website and via our social media to get the news out to as many customers as possible. This included an invitation to shop for specific items prior to the increase.

As of Monday 10th August 2020 the prices on many of our items increased by approximately 10%. We totally understand that this isn’t ideal during these already trying times, but it’s imperative in order to respect our independent business.

Overall we have been steadily working on the quality of many of our items. We have increased the Silver thickness and improved the strength and aesthetic detailing of our jump rings. Our Director, Justin has sourced new chain for our products that has further enhanced the worth and look of Silvery’s jewellery pieces.

Each item is individually crafted by our small, dedicated team. Despite the global challenges we are committed to creating keepsakes that are unique and honour all that we value in business, from quality through to the authenticity of our brand.

Thank you as always for your support, love and understanding.

If you would like to know more about 925 Sterling Silver – see our dedicated page, it explains more about this precious metal.